Masafumi Takiguchi

Masafumi Takiguchi
Masafumi Takiguchi
M.D., Ph.D.
Professor (Vice Director)


Research Field


Research Interests

Dr. Takiguchi has achieved significant results in the field of cellular immunology against HIV-1. Specifically, he has established a method to identify CTL epitopes by reverse immunogenetics, and pioneered the discovery of many CTL epitopes. His global study with nine distinct cohorts revealed the accumulation of escape mutations in the virus that enable it to escape from HIV-1 specific CTLs and resulting viral evolution. More recently, his studies have revealed the molecular mechanism of T cell recognition of escape mutants, and differences between Japanese and Caucasian/African populations in immune responses that control HIV-1. He is a Visiting Professor of Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford, and an editor of Microbe and Infection which is an official journal of Institut Pasteur

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