Hitoshi Takizawa

Hitoshi Takizawa
Hitoshi Takizawa
Associate Professor

Tel: 096 373 6879
Fax: 096 373 6879
E-mail: hitoshit(at)kumamoto-u.ac.jp

Research Field

Stem Cell Biology, Hematology, Tissue engineering

Research Interests

All blood cells arise from a small number of hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) with self-renewal and multilineage differentiation potential, that are homeostatically maintained in bone marrow (BM) throughout lifetime of an individual. While many studies using genetically modified animal models have demonstrated the mechanic insights on steady state HSC maintenance, it remains unclear how their function is affected under hematopoietic stressed conditions. We study mouse and human HSC behavior in physiology, hematopoietic stress and disease along with the following specific projects.
1.) Studying normal and malignant human HSC and niche by using novel humanized mice with engineered human bone organ
2.) Impact of inflammation on HSC function and malignant transformation
3.) Understanding of ageing-associated changes in HSC behaviour and the microenvironment

Please see more details in the RESEARCH.


Experimental Approaches

  • Genetically modified mouse model
  • Humanized mouse model
  • Developmental tissue engineering
  • Single cell analysis (e.g., single HSC transplantation, single cell sequencing, masscytometer)
  • Imaging tools (e.g., conforcal microscopy, light sheet microscopy, microdissection)